A UNIQUE Hotel, a place where you can breathe the atmosphere of different Ages that the city has magnificently crossed and handed over to history. A 4-year restoration that brought to the light the remains of the first masonry theater in Rome, about which the greatest figures in Roman History and Literature spoke. Many have walked under its arcades or witnessed his shows: Ovid, Martial, Cicero, Tacitus.

A secret Rome, to which few can access, thanks to the Hotel Teatro di Pompeo.


Our rooms maintain a classic style, to be completely coherent with the environment and the story this place wants to tell. Perfectly oriented to the modern needs of our Travelers but faithful to its Historical origins.

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Campo de Fiori

The Pompeo Theater, 3 Star Boutique Hotel is located in Campo dei Fiori, the historic city square. A day market, full of unique scents, flavors and colors and a lively area in the evening, full of restaurants, wine bars, pubs.

Discovering the Eternal City

The Hotel is at the center of the most important attractions: Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Piazza di Spagna! Explore and enjoy a beautiful experience! Shopping has never been more comfortable than this: the neighborhood is full of boutiques, shops of great brands and luxury!

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